Explore, Make, Learn, Play

Bring Brooklyn Children’s Museum to your home! BCM+You is a free resource that brings BCM’s exhibits, programs, animal friends, and collections objects to your family anytime, anywhere.

Our families are the pulse of BCM. We affirm your superhuman efforts to keep the play, curiosity and exploration going. We hope that this BCM+You webpage, together with our BCM+You newsletters and social media, will activate and stimulate learning — and give you tools to help your child explore and discover our world from home.

Hashtag your finished projects #BCMandYou and tag us @bcmkids on Instagram so we can see and celebrate your work! If you have any questions about BCM+You, send us a note at hello@brooklynkids.org.

At-Home Art Activities

Aquaponics Collage

Koi ponds are one example of an aquaponic environment. These beautiful pools consist of koi, a fish native to Japan, and plants that grow in water, like water lillies or lotuses.

Paint an Oyster

Did you know that oysters help keep waterways clean and healthy? Use a coffee filter and watercolors to create your own unique oyster.

Explore Mask-Making

Use supplies available in your home to make a mask! How will you express yourself?

Make a Brooklyn Business

What’s your favorite store in your neighborhood? Use recycled materials to create a storefront model of a shop that is meaningful to you.

Design a Pizza Pie

Nothing says New York like pizza! Create a pizza pie from your imagination using playdough and colorful materials.

Make a Chalk Quilt

Enjoy a moment in the sun and leave inspiration at your feet! Make a sidewalk “quilt” for your community using tape and chalk.

Block Collage

Home is where the heart is. Show your neighborhood block some love and create a collage using paper, found materials, and a few of your own memories.

Clay Flower Pot

Get messy and grow something beautiful! Make a flower pot using clay and decorate it with your favorite colors.

Carton Sailboat

Sail away! Make a boat out of a carton to sail around your bathtub or inflatable pool.

Ice Cube Painting

Stay fresh, cool, and creative! Freeze water and food coloring to make ice cubes to paint with on hot, summer days.

Create Your Own Mbira

The mbira is an African musical instrument that dates back centuries. Create a mbira using everyday materials and explore your unique rhythm!

Beautiful Us Beads

Repurpose fabric scraps and magazine pages to make upcycled beads, then use yarn to create necklaces and bracelets.

Paper Bag Puppet

Make a puppet friend using a paper bag and colorful, recycled materials from you home!

Reading Nook

Create a cozy reading nook! Build a special space where you can slow down, stay cool, and dive into a great story.

Object Color Wheel

Color is all around us. Create a color wheel with objects from your home!

Soap Bar Prints

Carve soap bars to make prints inspired by the artist Elizabeth Catlett!

Pop-Up Collage

Transform every day paper into a 3-D pop-up collage that draws inspiration from your home!

Painting With Dots

Explore the practice of pointillism by creating a picture using small dots of color!

Recycled Wind Chimes

Harness the power of the wind to make musical patterns!

Potato Prints

Create shapes and stamp patterns using an everyday potato as your inspiration!

Make a Nature Brush

Create natural, DIY paintbrushes made with sticks, leaves and flowers, and experiment with making different marks, strokes, and stamps on paper.

7pm Noisemaker

We clap because we care! New Yorkers are making noise out of their windows in honor of essential workers every day at 7 pm. Make your own noisemaker using plates, loose materials, and tape.

Neighborhood Treasure Map

There are hidden gems all around us! Make a treasure map of your neighborhood that features special places.

Animals in Motion

All animals move in different ways depending on how their bodies are built. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try moving like them!

Build a Sensory Box

Build a simple DIY sensory box using beans or beads, hide objects, and have your toddler dig through to explore, discover, and practice describing their senses.

Bird Up Brooklyn

Tweet, chirp, caw! Make your own binoculars and get outside to bird watch.

Neighborhood Bingo

Every neighborhood is special! Make your own Neighborhood Bingo game and fill the squares with the people, places, things and experiences in your neighborhood that are special to you.

Upcycled Drum

Upcycle a used container and create a fun percussion instrument to make music with!

Create a Peace Box

We could all use more positivity and peace. Redesign a box or container and fill it with reminders that bring you inner peace.

Make Clay Impressions

Everyday objects can make a great impression on our lives! Inspired by Brooklyn-based artist LaKela Brown, make a clay sculpture by pressing found objects into clay.

Family Hand Portrait

Our hands are not just for making, working, and expression… they are works of art! Take a series of family hand portraits that include gestures and objects.

Kevin & Rich’s Recycled Sounds

Kevin & Rich’s Recycled Sounds recently visited Brooklyn Children’s Museum to show us how anything can be used to make music, from household objects to even the Museum itself! Watch the video and get inspired. What music will you make?

Galaxy Goggles

Rev up your spaceship while looking cool and futuristic with these homemade galaxy goggles!

Color-Play Painting

Drip, splatter, and spray! Explore color and create an abstract art piece inspired by Guyanese-British artist Frank Bowling.

Juneteenth Freedom Poster

What does freedom mean to you? To celebrate Juneteenth, make a colorful sign to celebrate the culture, lives, and freedom of Black Americans!

My Pride Flag

Love is Love! Make your own colorful flag inspired by Pride, a month-long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and the rights of all people to be who they are and love who they love.

Self-Love Crown

Make a self-love crown that allows your child to practice expressing themselves in ways that make them feel good. When finished they’ll have a crown they can wear with pride!

Civic Engagement

Thank You to Our Civic Leaders

Brooklyn has a long history of civic engagement. Our elected officials and other civic leaders keep our communities strong by ensuring that our residents have access to basic needs like housing, healthcare and food; keeping our neighborhoods safe and beautiful; and supporting cultural organizations like Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

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Sometimes it’s hard for children (and adults too!) to think of what to write in a thank-you note. Here are some prompts for thanking our federal elected officials that might help your family write or draw something together. Feel free to make up your own thank-you prompts and text too – there is never a wrong way to say thank-you!

  • What is your favorite museum, zoo or garden? Thank our elected officials for helping to keep that place safe and strong for our community. Draw a picture or paste a photograph of your family enjoying that place.
  • What do people need to be healthy? How do you feel when you are healthy? Thank our elected officials for working to make our borough a healthier place. Draw a picture of some of the things you thought might make people healthier.
  • What does the word “safe” mean? What makes you feel safe? What does our government do to help create safer communities? Thank our elected officials for helping to make our borough a safer place for all people. Draw a picture of how you feel when you are safe.
  • What do you like most about living in Brooklyn? Thank our elected officials for helping to make some of the good things we have in our community possible. Draw a picture of what you like best about our borough.

Here are some words you might use in your note:

  • Thank you for…
  • I am/we are grateful for…
  • I/we appreciate…
  • Brooklyn is more beautiful because…
  • Our borough/city/state/country is stronger because…
  • Many thanks for…
  • You inspire us because…
  • In the future, I/we hope that…
  • Your support means so much to us…
  • I/we are grateful for your commitment to…

Send a Letter to Your Elected Official

Do you have ideas about how we can make our community or our city happier, healthier and stronger? Your family can write a letter to our elected officials to share your ideas using the attached template.

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Do you have ideas about how we can make our community or our city happier, healthier and stronger? Your family can write a letter to our elected officials to share your ideas using the attached template. Here are some prompts that might help you think about what to write.

  • What is your favorite place in your neighborhood? Is it a museum, garden, park, street, store, zoo or something else? Draw a picture of that place, and ask your elected official to support its work.
  • What do people need to be happy? How do we make a “happy” community? Do we have all of the buildings, services and stores that we need to be happy in our community? Draw a picture of something that you would like to see added to your community that would make people happy.
  • What does a “healthy” neighborhood look like? What things do people need to be healthy? Do we have all of those things in our neighborhood? Draw a picture of something that you would like to see added to your community that would help people be healthier.
  • What can you do in your community to make it a better place? How could the government make it possible for your family to keep your neighborhood clean, safe or healthy? Draw a picture of your family making a difference in your community.