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Our City

opens March 10

Artwork by Liz Hamby

Artwork by Liz Hamby

Brooklyn Children’s Museum (BCM) announces a new interactive exhibit, Our City, featuring contemporary artists whose work examines the components that make up a neighborhood. Children will take on the roles of urban planners, artists, architects, and visionaries as they talk about the places they call home. Our City includes artwork by Aisha Cousins, Brooklyn Hi-Art Machine (Oasa Duverney and Mildred Beltre), Elizabeth Hamby, James Rojas, Priscilla Stadler, and Rusty Zimmerman.

Our City seeks to challenge visitors to consider what it means to be a neighbor and what makes a neighborhood. Who do you greet when you step outside or walk down your street? What are the characteristics of a happy and healthy neighborhood? What do the people in your neighborhood look like? What do the buildings look like? What’s your favorite thing to do in this place? This exhibition creates an opportunity for children from different parts of the city to be in conversation with each other and their caregivers about these questions. Additionally, it champions curiosity and lifelong learning by way of inquiry-based teaching, which allows creates opportunities for children to lead the conversation.

On view, March 10 to September 4, 2016

Support for the Our City exhibit is provided in part by Ellen Freudenheim’s 2016 guidebook The Brooklyn Experience.

Permanent Exhibits

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This pint-sized paradise is designed for our youngest visitors, featuring nine different sensory play areas including water, sand, music, and more. Exclusively for children ages zero to 5.

Collections Central

Collections Central features a rotating selection from the museum’s collection of 29,000 historic and artistic works. Exhibit interactives invite visitors to learn by taking on the roles of curator and conservator. Multi-sensory engagement with collections arranged around classic and unexpected themes inspires visitors to discover, create, and collect.

Neighborhood Nature

Examine the many ecologies found in your own Brooklyn backyard. This exhibit introduces children to life sciences, and features live animals from the Museum’s living collection. 

World Brooklyn

In World Brooklyn, children play in mini shops based on the real ones you would find in neighborhoods across Brooklyn. This exhibit is designed to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of world cultures found in Brooklyn. Through objects and stories drawn from real people and places in the borough’s diverse communities, children learn about themselves and their neighbors.