Now Open!

Introducing BCM’s newest exhibit, AirMaze! Experience the power of air firsthand: discover its force, direct its flow, and let curiosity and experimentation guide your play.

At its heart, AirMaze is a 20-foot-tall pressurized air system consisting of over 250 feet of tubes, valves, and blowers. Children are invited to insert various types of objects and navigate them through its clear pathways. Watch as balls and scarves zip and twist their way through the maze while using the valves to influence their direction. This dynamic exhibit brings to light the unseen elements of everyday life, offering a sensory experience emphasizing movement, color, and sound. Accommodating up to eight children at once, AirMaze fosters teamwork and promotes skills such as prediction, visual tracking, and hand-eye coordination.

Questions might arise: How do different objects behave? What happens when the route is altered? Can you predict — or even catch — the object as it shoots out of the maze? Through open-ended play and experimentation, children can answer these questions and gain firsthand experience about airflow, pressure, and spatial reasoning.

Nestled at the bottom of the tunnel within our Neighborhood Nature exhibit, AirMaze is a new way to explore the natural world. Vibrant acrylic panels showcase Brooklyn’s native wildlife, emphasizing species that harness the air for their survival. The exhibit not only complements the visual aesthetics of the Museum, but reaffirms BCM’s commitment to interactive and hands-on learning.

AirMaze promises to be not only a crowd favorite, but also serve as a testament to the boundless possibilities of play, exploration, and scientific discovery. Dive in and let the winds of curiosity guide you!