11th annual

Celebrate Kwanzaa!

12th Annual Celebrate Kwanzaa!

Thursday, December 26th – Monday, December 31st
Join Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Brooklyn-based Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation as we mark our 12th annual Kwanzaa celebration together at the largest family Kwanzaa event in New York City!

Taking place over five days with programs that highlight the culture, art, dancing, and music of this African-American holiday, this year we invite visitors to join us in exploring Kwanzaa’s seven principles: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, faith, and creativity. Learn about the history and significance of Kwanzaa; play the djembe drum; create Zawadi gifts for your family and others; hear African folktales; and help paint a mural that explores each of Kwanzaa’s principles with painter ZuluSoul!