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2020 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival

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Celebrate the creativity and talent of Brooklyn students with the 2020 Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival virtual exhibit. Highlighting the work of students Pre-K through 12th grade, this annual art show features the work of some of Brooklyn’s youngest artists.

The arts provide opportunities to utilize our unique creative problem-solving skills, and Brooklyn has always been fertile ground for novel ideas and innovation. This year we celebrate the artistry of Brooklyn’s youngest artists and express gratitude to the families, dedicated teachers, and forward-thinking administrators who continue to encourage and support the arts in times of adversity, as well as in times of triumph.

Animals and Us

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On view October 26, 2019 – September 2020

Flying high above or slithering down the sidewalk – animals are all around us. Even in the heart of bustling Brooklyn, we share space with animals that create their homes and everyday patterns around ours. Like our human neighbors, these animals make our individual communities unique, and are part of the places we call home.

Animals and Us highlights objects from Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s 30,000 piece collection that reflect how people have been inspired to create art and everyday objects by the mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians around them. Some of these animals have inspired folktales and stories within communities; others have sparked imaginary, fantastical never-been-seen creatures.

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Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival

2019 Exhibition

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Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival

May 14 - June 2, 2019
The 5th annual Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival student artwork exhibition, titled "A Brooklyn State of Mind," provides insights into what Brooklyn students think, see, and imagine. This year explores children's creativity in the images of the objects that inspire them, the people who encourage them, the ones who love them, the sites they cherish, the futures they imagine, and the dreams they share. As they grow, children follow their own paths to opportunity and explore many possibilities. But, no matter where their journeys take them, they will always carry with them the hopes, dreams, and "can-do" attitude that come from having a Brooklyn State of Mind.

The Borough Arts Festivals are year-end events taking place in each borough to celebrate the talents and creativity of students and their teachers through arts exhibitions and public performances. Borough Arts Directors and support staff collaborate with community superintendents and the Field Support Centers to highlight the local excellence and student achievement in the arts. These festivals engage thousands of student artists, their families and friends and members of the school community.

Sponsored by Chancellor Carranza and the NYC Department of Education, the Brooklyn Borough Arts Festival features outstanding student talent from Pre-K through 12th grade in the visual and performing arts from all Brooklyn school districts, including District 75.