Stoop Stories

May 2021 – November 2021

Stoop Stories is a documentary storytelling project born in Brooklyn at the height of COVID-19. Our mission is to connect, support, and celebrate our NYC neighbors, especially those hardest hit by the pandemic and systemic inequities. We believe solutions start with stories—telling them and REALLY listening to them. We see connection and collaboration as an antidote to isolation and a catalyst for change.

The stoops of New York City have always been the place to meet up, catch up, and build community. During lockdown, our stoops became our sanity and our solidarity. We gathered there to bang pots for essential workers, to socialize from a safe distance, to dine al fresco, and to work and learn remotely. Some days, our stoops were our only connection to the outside world.

Since April 2020, Stoop Stories has produced hundreds of features from New York families, essential workers, small business owners, and activists. We call out injustice, while celebrating silver linings and moments of joy. This exhibit invites kids and families to share their own neighborhood stories. Visitors will be able to take a #stoopie on our indoor stoop and submit their own story.

To learn more, check out Stoop Stories’ website and follow them on Instagram at @stoop.stories.