Advocacy Lab Presents: Dance with Cumbe

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Advocacy Lab presents: Dance with Cumbe

BCM Advocacy Lab invites you to join Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance for an afternoon of music and dancing. This month, join instructor Rakia Seaborn for Why Anansi has Eight Thin Legs: A Dance Adventure!

In this workshop, we will dive deep into the Akan fable “Why Anansi has Eight Thin Legs.” Opening with a welcome song that eases us into a perfect space for fun and learning, we will practice warming up our bodies for a magical dance adventure. Through the power of imagination, we will put on our spider costume and take a lunchtime visit to the home of eight of our animal friends and learn lessons about sharing and being a supportive community member. This workshop is the perfect place to practice naming body parts, counting, directions, speed, rhythm, neighborly communication and playing with our friends.

Advocacy Lab is a series of programs that introduce the tools of advocacy through voice, word, movement, music, art, performance, and action.  Through hands-on activities and exploration, children and their caregivers identify issues in their communities and become creative problem solvers.