Artist Books with Bweela Steptoe

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Make your own artist’s sketchbook in this hands-on workshop! Join Bweela Steptoe, daughter of Brooklyn-based illustrator and author John Steptoe, as she shares her father’s artwork and her own experiences as an artist and clothing designer.


Original artwork by the children’s author and illustrator John Steptoe (1950 – 1989) will be on view in BCM’s 2nd floor Studio from May 16 – June 18, 2017. Steptoe grew up in the neighborhood of Bed Stuy, and based many of his books on the people, places, and stories of Brooklyn. Among his well known books are Stevie, Daddy is a Monster Sometimes, and the acclaimed Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, which has been adapted as a play. Join us as we celebrate his lasting legacy as a Brooklyn artist. 


Local performances of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters:
Walt Whitman Theater, Brooklyn College April 29th 2pm




Newark, NJMay 6, 2pm

May 13th, 1:30pm