Thursday, Feb 22nd

Passport Home

Passport Home

What makes a house? What makes a home?

Join Weeksville Heritage Center and Brooklyn Children’s Museum as we travel back in time and discover the rich history of Weeksville, one of America’s many free black communities founded before national emancipation. Explore themes of housing and home during our two day event which invites families to find and record history through archaeological workshops, art-based activities, interactive collections-based programming, and a musical performance!

Ages 5 and up.


February 10th

Beginning February 10th with “Find,” participants will start at BCM with hands-on archeology, art making, and collection objects interactives. They will then move to Weeksville, where they will tour historical homes, make art and close out the day with a jazz concert.

February 22nd

11am-3pm @ Weeksville Heritage Center

Ending February 22nd with “Record,” participants will tour Weeksville to see historical homes, write stories in their own newspapers and make historical hats! Note: This event takes place at Weeksville Heritage Center.