Museum-on-the-Go for Pre-K

About Museum-On-The-Go for Pre-K

Welcome to Museum-on-the-Go for Pre-K, a museum education project developed by Brooklyn Children’s Museum and piloted in 2020 and 2021. In partnership with Pre-K teachers from Central Brooklyn, the Museum has assembled themed cases highlighting objects from their collection and produced a supplementary, flexible curriculum to support and expand your students’ experience. We hope that you and your students enjoy exploring, learning, and creating with these materials.

What’s Inside?

OBJECTS from Brooklyn Children’s Museum that your students can handle, explore, and study.

PATHWAY CARDS provide you with information and activities for engaging your students with the objects. Activate the cards to guide your students’ experience.

THE MUSEUM MAT helps protect objects by creating a safe zone for their display. You can fold the mat to change its size and add objects from your classroom to create a class museum exhibit.

THE TOOL KIT accompanying each case is filled with materials to extend the ways that your students can explore the objects.




This video introduces the Museum-on-the-Go for Pre-K pilot project, as well as overviews general details, such as how to move the cases, how to open them, what is inside the cases, and the value of using collection objects in your classroom.


In this video, we will go through the Pathway framework and how to use the Museum Mat. We demonstrate how to adapt the Pathway framework into an active discussion.


In this video, we will go over some of the health and safety measures when interacting with Museum-on-the-Go cases.