Workshops: Grades Pre-K – 5th

BCM has launched a brand new series of lively and engaging school programs!

Each program utilizes our unique features – BCM’s collection of natural science specimen and cultural artifacts, live animals, and permanent exhibits. There’s a program for every age and interest and each experience is guided by one of our trained and engaging educators.

Educator-led programs are offered Tuesday through Friday, and run for 1 hour.

Programs are available during three time slots: 10:15am-11:15am, 11:30am-12:30pm, 12:45-1:45pm.

Our program offerings include the following experiences:

  • Classroom connections: Easily adaptable pre-visit and extension activities
  • Alignment with New York State Learning Standards
  • Hands-on activities
  • Opportunities for active and creative response
  • Essential questions that inspire critical thinking
  • Interdisciplinary exploration
  • Creative differentiation for age, group and learning needs


Show water some love! This interactive, live animal workshop highlights the importance of water for all living creatures. Students interact with shells and the fossils of aquatic animals, such as a fossil of the extinct sea scorpion, and connect with live animals, such as hermit crabs and mud snails.

Get your hands in the land to learn about erosion! In this earth-science workshop, students observe geological specimens that were shaped and changed by the movement of water. Through experiments with sand, soil, and stones, classes explore how liquid water erosion works and what we can do to reduce human impact on erosion.

People around the world use fabric, metals, wood, and other materials to adorn our bodies and to tell the story of who we are. Beautiful Us is a cultural collections investigation and art-making workshop in which students explore the unique and universal reasons we adorn ourselves. Students observe and touch ancient and contemporary adornments from our collection, and make their own adornments using clay and upcycled materials.

What makes a neighborhood feel like a community? A Brooklyn block can feel like its own universe as well as an important part of a larger vibrant neighborhood. In this hands-on workshop, students will learn about inclusion of multiple perspectives in urban planning to create great neighborhoods for everyone. Students will collaborate to imagine, design, and build a model of a Brooklyn block and bring to life elements of community.

What will plants be like in the future? In this botany and sculpture workshop, students investigate the plant life cycle and what makes each stage extraordinary, and learn about contemporary Afrofuturist artists whose works are inspired by plants. Each student makes mixed-media sculpture of their imagined, superstar plant of the future and considers their plant’s place in an imagined ecosystem.

Nature is full of patterns and rhythms that evoke wisdom and wonder. In this interdisciplinary workshop, students explore objects from around the world that reflect humanity’s tradition of looking to nature to create artistic, decorative, and functional items.

Inspired by nature’s patterns and looking to the future, students will weave their own textiles using mixed-media and upcycled materials and consider elements such as shape, form, pattern, and purpose.

What is fair…unfair? How can we move through conflict together? Conflict can be an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to grow our empathy for others. This conflict transformation workshop uses art to help students explore values such as fairness, respect, and generosity, and practice listening and speaking up through role-play. Students make a creative toolbox to hold what they discover about themselves, each other, and the power we all have to transform. If you are a Civics for All partner school, you are eligible to participate in this workshop at no cost.

Recommended for third grade and up.
How can we make the changes that we seek? In this art and advocacy workshop, students share their thoughts about justice and injustice and discover the ways grassroots organizing looks, sounds, and feels. Inspired by a real-life issue, students team up to write manifesto poems that amplify their visions for change. If you are a Civics for All partner school, you are eligible to participate in this workshop at no cost.


Designed specifically for children on the autism spectrum or with developmental or sensory variations, BCM’s Sensory Room features visual, auditory, tactile, and gross motor activities. Teachers may request that their visit to the Sensory Room include an art activity or a live animal encounter along with allotted time for free play. Most of BCM’s school program offerings can be conducted in this space for classes of up to 12 students.

Contact Will Niedmann at (718) 735-4400, ext. 123 or group_reservations@brooklynkids.org to discuss program options for classes with special needs.