Self Guided Programs

Self Guided Program: Grades Pre-K to 5th

Journey through BCM’s galleries and explore the diversity of our collections. A perfect option for multiple classes that choose to come together! Explore our hands-on exhibits including Collections Central, Neighborhood Nature, and World Brooklyn.


Self Guided visits allow classes to explore Brooklyn Children’s Museum at their own pace. Themed Museum Trails toolkits are available on request to enrich your students’ self-guided experience.

Our Brooklyn
Bonjour, hola, שלום, 你好, مرحبا, whaa gwaan…Hi, Brooklyn! Guide students through permanent exhibits and facilitate interactive experiences that encourage students to think about neighborhood and community.

Collection Connection
BCM holds a collection of 30,000 cultural artifacts and geological and zoological specimens! Guide young collectors through BCM and explore the details of ancient and contemporary objects from all over the world.

Earthlings unite! Guide students on a path that focuses on our natural environment, animals, sustainability, and making eco-friendly choices to ensure a healthy future.

Super Senses
BCM is sensational! Take this path with your students and encourage them to activate their five senses while exploring the color, texture, shapes, sounds, and scenery.