Saturday, August 11

The Fundred Project

BCM Advocacy Lab Presents: Fundred Project

Saturday, August 11th
1:00pm to 1:30pm & 2:00pm-2:30pm
Ages 4+

Join BCM and the Fundred Project as we explore what makes a healthy home and clean environment. Founded in 2010, the Fundred Project teaches about the dangers of lead contamination and helps children become champions for lead free futures. Through this 30 minute program, kids will have the opportunity to build their own healthy homes and learn to advocate for a safer environment.



About the Fundred Project
The Fundred Project is a national art project that focuses on raising up the public awareness around the issues associated with lead contamination in our built environment and preventing childhood lead poisoning through creativity and activities. Implemented by Mel Chin, 2008, in New Orleans, the Fundred Project has collected half a million of these hand-drawn interpretations of one hundred dollar bills, the “Fundred,” which were made by people across the United States.

The Fundred Project is currently operated by the SOURCE Studio, in partnership with MIT Community Innovators Lab, and has been collaborated with thousands of schools and organizations. Last spring, the Fundred Reserve Exhibition was featured at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, GWU, and engaged DC’s artists, educators, social workers, policy advocates, lawmakers, scientists, doctors, stockholders, and most importantly, children through the exhibition, learning programs, special events, and other activities. The Fundred Reserve Open Lab, located in the H Space Gallery on U street, is the latest manifestation of the project and serves as an open studio to continue the betrothal in DC through events and exhibitions of lead poisoning issues and increasing the methods of furthering education.