Summer Camp Visits

Guided summer programs offer unique learning opportunities in natural science, the arts, culture, and community, all while encouraging play and exploration. Guided programs are led by a BCM educator and incorporate cultural artifacts and scientific specimen from BCM’s collection, live animals, or art-making to provide memorable hands-on, immersive, and inquiry-based experiences. When you book a guided program, your trip also includes time for self-guided exploration in the Museum.

Self-guided visits provide camp groups an opportunity to explore the Museum and its permanent exhibits at their own pace. A self-guidebook and toolkit with key questions and recommended activities can be borrowed to use during your visit. Please note that Totally Tots, Block Lab, and ColorLab are not available to self-guided groups.

Summer Programs at BCM Rates

Self-guided Exploration……… $7 / student*
1/2 Hour Guided Program….. $9 / student*
+ Self-guided Exploration
1-Hour Guided Program…….. $12 / student*
+ Self-guided Exploration
Lunch space……………………… $10 / group of approx. 30 students*

*Reduced rates are available for qualifying summer camp programs, such as social service agency camps and camps supported by New York City Department of Youth & Community Development. For more information: contact us at group_reservations@brooklynkids.org.

Guided Summer Programs

Museum Makerspace
30 minutes
Did you know that Brooklyn Children’s Museum has over 30,000 cultural artifacts and scientific specimen from around the world? In Museum Makerspace, team up with other young curators and choose from an array of BCM collection items to create a mini-exhibit! Using upcycled materials, work with others to plan, organize, and build an exhibit that tells a unique story.

A Seed Is a Star!
30 minutes
What will plants be like in the future? How will they look, taste, and grow? Consider the types of amazing plants that we have today and think about plant parts such as seeds, leaves, stems, roots, and fruits to make a 3-dimensional multi-media sculpture inspired by your imagined plant of the future. Think about your plant’s role in its ecosystem and its potential benefit to other living beings. While creating, campers will listen to a soundscape inspired by Stevie Wonder’s adventurous and futuristic album, The Secret Life of Plants.

Welcome Home, Lizards!
30 minutes
How would you describe your habitat? Growing up in the desert is very different than living in a rain forest! Meet and interact with our BCM lizards from different habitats and learn about how environment can influence how animals look, feel, and act. Explore the adaptation and survival skills needed in different habitats through movement, observation, and conversation.

Scales + Shells
30 minutes
How would you describe your skin? What are its superpowers? Meet creatures like turtles, mudsnails, and snakes. Whether on land or in water, these animals owe a big thanks to their scales and shells! Through role play, active observation, and live animal interaction, discover what makes animal exteriors special.

Block-By-Block: Block Party Edition
1 hour
What makes a neighborhood “work”? Feel like “home”? A Brooklyn block can feel like its own universe as well as an important part of a larger vibrant neighborhood. In this hands-on workshop, campers will learn about how urban planning that includes many voices can make our neighborhoods better. Campers will collaborate to imagine, design, and build a model of a Brooklyn block and bring to life elements of community. Campers may also include pop-up activities as part of their models to add to the block party fun!

Listen Up
1 hour
Say it loud, say it now! Activists of all ages impact our communities every day. Encourage your campers to find their voice and speak up and out for issues they believe in through this hands-on workshop. Campers will learn about being engaged neighbors as they explore art and advocacy and will make art to support a cause. Project options include button-making and printmaking. Campers will also learn about the Museum’s current rapid response collection program through which teens are collecting stories and objects that tell the story of Brooklyn today.

Water Ways & Land
1 hour
In this earth-science and water conservation workshop, campers explore the relationship between water and land matters such as soil, bedrock, and crystals. Campers will be invited to hands-on explore striking and colorful pieces from our grand collection of geological rock specimen and learn about the various states of water. Throughout the experience, campers will make observations and predictions and conduct erosion experiments!