Summer Camp Trips

Camp Programs

BCM’s Camp programs offer hands-on summer fun through the exploration of art, culture, natural science, and community, all while encouraging play and exploration. Led by a BCM Educator, programs incorporate cultural artifacts and scientific specimens from BCM’s collection, live animals, or art-making to provide memorable hands-on, immersive, and inquiry-based experiences.

Summer 2021

Available July 7 through August 27.

Camp programs are one-hour facilitated workshops offered on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10am, 11am and 12pm. Recommended ages 5-12.

$250 per program. Includes reserved space for lunch on BCM’s rooftop. One-hour of self-guided playtime in BCM’s exhibits may be added for an additional fee of $100.

Hands-on Workshop Offerings

Amazing Animals

Our animal friends at Brooklyn Children’s Museum have superpowers! Whether they can regrow a tail or lift 1,000 times their weight, animals have unique gifts that help them survive and grow. Children meet live animals, move their bodies, and explore their own superpowers.

Beautiful Us

Explore the unique and universal reasons that people around the world adorn ourselves. Children will handle ancient and contemporary adornments from BCM’s global collection, and make their own beads using clay, fabric, or upcycled materials.

Block by Block

A Brooklyn block can feel like its own universe as well as an important part of a larger vibrant neighborhood. Children will learn about urban planning and collaborate to imagine, design, and build a model of a Brooklyn block and bring to life elements of community.

Listen Up

Say it loud, say it now! Activists of all ages impact our communities everyday. Encourage children to find their voice and speak up and out for issues they believe in through this workshop. Children will learn about being engaged neighbors as they explore art and advocacy and make art to support a cause.

Water Ways & Land

In this earth-science and water conservation workshop, campers explore the relationship between water and land matters such as soil, bedrock, and crystals. Campers will be invited to explore geological specimens and learn about the various states of water. Throughout the experience, campers will make observations and predictions and conduct erosion experiments.