Collections Connection

Collections Connection

While you’re feeling very local, we invite you to travel the world and gain inspiration from BCM’s collection of artifacts from around the globe. We have a collection of more than 30,000 objects, and want to share with them you—to inspire learning, art-making, writing, and to consider the special objects you collect and keep in your own home.

Collection Highlights

Brooklyn Children’s Museum is one of only four children’s museums in the United States to hold an educational collection. BCM’s collection is comprised of approximately 30,000 natural history and cultural objects ranging from Paleolithic to ancient to modern day, making the collection an encyclopedia of cultures across the globe.

Minerals are Magical!

We have over 7,000 geological specimens in our collection! Some of these minerals demonstrate one of our earth’s most interesting phenomena, called fluorescence. These minerals have the ability to temporarily absorb a small amount of light and, an instant later, release that light along a different wavelength. This change in wavelength causes the mineral to temporarily change colors to the eye of a human observer. By shining an ultraviolet light onto these minerals, we can see this happen.