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Current Exhibit: Wilderness Camp

On view, January 21 – May 28, 2017

Featuring art installations by Tattfoo Tan

Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s new exhibit, Wilderness Camp, is an indoor experience that brings the great outdoors to family audiences through role-play and the exploration of nature. This interactive installation created in partnership with contemporary artist Tattfoo Tan, gives families the opportunity to explore how we interact with and rely on nature for our basic needs and resources. Kids and their caregivers learn about different ways of creating shelters, plants that provide food and building materials, and techniques that transform natural materials into functional, everyday objects. Wilderness Camp offers visitors the opportunity to take on the roles of outdoor explorers and gain a heightened appreciation of our precious natural resources that we can all work toward preserving.

Exhibit components include immersive tent structures containing activities like macramé and shadow puppets, a campfire ring for storytelling and programs, graphic posters of step-by-step survival techniques including food preservation, campfire building, and tool making, and an interactive display of cultural objects from BCM’s collection alongside Tan’s artworks that utilize similar materials and techniques. Opportunities for role-play abound, as children and their caregivers put on a backpack filled with some of the necessities of wilderness exploration- a compass, canteen, mess kit, magnifying glass, net, blanket, tools, and a map of local trails and green spaces to explore.

Themes of self reliance and creative use of natural materials are woven throughout the exhibit and provide the basis of Tattfoo Tan’s diverse art that spans large scale sculptural works, public mural installations, and teaching residencies to impart nature survival skills to youth. Much of the exhibit at BCM connects to the most recent chapter of his work, titled New Earth Resiliency Training Model, or NERTM. NERTM is a program that teaches ethos of living closer to the earth, especially in an urban environment. Through this program, Tan trains young people and equips them with skills, knowledge, and an adaptive world view towards empowering them to be authorities of their own environments.

Current Exhibit:

The Art of John Steptoe

On view, May 18 – June 18, 2017

Special Exhibition of Brooklyn-based author and illustrator: John Steptoe

Original artwork by the children’s author and illustrator John Steptoe (1950 – 1989) will be on view in BCM’s 2nd floor Studio from May 18 – June 18, 2017. Steptoe grew up in the neighborhood of Bed Stuy, and based many of his books on the people, places, and stories of Brooklyn. Among his well known books are Stevie, Daddy is a Monster Sometimes, and the acclaimed Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters, which has been adapted as a play. Join us as we celebrate his lasting legacy as a Brooklyn artist


Local performances of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters:
Walt Whitman Theater, Brooklyn College April 29th 2pm



Newark, NJMay 6, 2pm


May 13th, 1:30pm



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