Celebrate the Caribbean Islands Day!

All ages

On July 25th, 2015 the Brooklyn Children's Museum will host award winning performances and fun activities that celebrate the Caribbean Islands and Cultures! Make a Puerto Rican Vejigante mask, learn how to stilt walk Moko Jumbie style and meet real live Caribbean critters. Catch a carnival inspired music, dance, and poetry performance by Something Postitive INC and dance the afternoon away with Jamaican-American children’s music sensation Father Goose—“The King of the Dance Party.”


Totally Tots Studio: Let's Celebrate the Caribbean Islands!
11:30am & 2:30pm | Ages 2.5 to 5 years
Come celebrate Carnival by learning about the wearable art that is made for Carnival season! Learn about Vejigante a folkloric character in Puerto Rican festival celebrations, and create your own vejigante inspired mask to wear!


Touch Tank: Caribbean Seas
| All ages
Where is the Caribbean Sea, and what kinds of underwater animals live there? Find out at this special Touch Tank session!


Family Art Lab: Moko Jumbie
| Ages 4 and up
Join us to hear the story of Moko Jumbie, a stilt walking tradition that traveled from Africa to the Caribbean! Then join us as we dance on can-stilts to Caribbean beats.


Nature Explorers: Three Little Birds
| Ages 4 and up
Listen to Bob Marley’s beautiful song “Three Little Birds,” and learn to identify three different local birds in Brooklyn.


Cultural Connections Performance: Something Positive INC
1:00 & 2:30pm
| All ages
Something Positive Inc. is dedicated to the art and culture of the African Diaspora and its cross-cultural influences through performance and education. Utilizing a unique blend of poetry, storytelling, theater, music and dance.  Something Positive specializes in multi-media performance art presentations that “successfully incorporate culture and education with entertainment.” 

Father Goose: King of the Dance Party                                                       
| All ages
Jamaican born, multi-talented entertainer, Rankin Don performing as “Father Goose” has breathed fresh air into the children’s music scene by letting children enjoy nursery sing-along which allow their parents to reminisce about their own childhood melodies. “Father Goose” is featured on all Dan Zanes and Friends successful albums, DVDs and videos. His own family CD titled It’s a Bam Bam Diddly!, is filled with contagious Caribbean sounds, including reggae and mento, mixed with energetic vocals and instruments was awarded by the Parent’s Choice Foundation and its songs like Bam Bam have charted at number one on XM Kids. 


Animal Adventure: Caribbean Critters
| Ages 4 and up
What kinds of reptiles live in Caribbean countries? Come find out, and have a chance to touch their scaly skin!