I Can! Kid-Abilities Day

All ages

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act at Brooklyn Children's Museum. I Can! Kid-Abilities Day features fun programs for children with special learning needs and cognitive abilities. The whole family can enjoy the day together, exploring the rainbow of possibilities found at BCM!


The Cave featuring Sensory Imaging
| Sensory Room
Crawl, jump and rock as you navigate your way through a sensory filled obstacle course in the Sensory Room. Feel a rainbow the transforms with your touch.
Sensory Imaging is an interactive installation designed by Adrian Sas to engage children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in an immersive experience that encourages sensory exploration. This program is a sensory experience for children of all abilities.


Painting Rainbows
| Greenhouse
Breathe in the scents of the plants in our greenhouse. Listen to the tinkling bells as you pick up your musical paintbrush. Smell as you dip your brushes in the palette of fragrant, vibrant colors and create a design of your own! This is a hands on art activity.


Quiet Space
| Upper Level Party Room
It’s easy to become overwhelmed when so many exciting things are happening! Our quiet space is available for anyone to come in and recharge for all the fun that is ahead. This area is for all children who become over-stimulated and need a brief break.  


Rainbow Fish
| Library
The iridescent scales on fish are captivating. Come to an interactive storytelling and craft experience where each scale makes a difference and working together really matters. This program builds on interpersonal social skills.


Amazing Animals
| Commons Theater
Let’s close our eyes and see in a new way, as we listen to visual descriptions of our live animals. We can meet our reptile friends and touch their scaly skin. This program has visual description for people who are blind or have low vision.


Sensory Snake Craft
| Science Inquiry Center
Make a sensational snake craft to slither home with you. This is a hands-on activity for the artist in all of us.


Snack Time
| Classroom
Stop in for a tasty and healthy treat. It’s Free!  All snacks are gluten and nut-free.


IDEAS Theatre
| Upper Level Gallery
Young thespians release your inner actor as we use improv skills to create a play and perform with our friends. No experience necessary. This program builds on interpersonal social skills.
IDEAS - Interactive Drama for Education and Awareness in the Schools brings creative drama activities to youth with all abilities. Using simple props and costumes and harnessing young imaginations, IDEAS teaching artists help to build character inside and out, as well as improve social skills, literacy skills and self-esteem. IDEAS has worked with students who are blind, on the Autism spectrum, deaf, those with varied learning disabilities, emotional difficulties, physical differences.


NYC Kids Project
| Commons Theater
Join NYC Kids Project for a stick and rod puppet show that encourages audiences to examine attitudes surrounding disabilities and differences, fostering empathy and awareness of commonalities. NYC Kids Project is a social justice arts organization advocating acceptance and inclusion.


Inside a Bubble
| Rooftop
Touch bubbles dancing through the air as we find little rainbows in these soapy spheres. From babies to big kids, all can enjoy this sensory experience. The program is for children of all abilities.


Dance Party
| Upper Level
Gallery Wiggle, stomp your feet, twirl and shake it to the beat! Let’s get down at as we jam to the music and show off our moves at the official, I Can! Kid-Abilities Dance Par-tay! This program promotes gross motor skills and is adapted for children to move with or without assistance. This is a lively and energetic event. We will have a limited number of noise cancelling headphones available upon request.